Sean Testimonial

Sean Connolly from SMC Maintenance in Poole started his home maintenance and repair business in 2013 after years as a security guard in a local shop. He joined our Academy program a year later after trying to do it all alone. Here is what he said … “When I started I quickly found out I didn’t know the first thing about growing a business or finding customers. It was all so new. All I wanted was just to get out there and do the job … I didn’t want to spend hours looking at my figures or learning about marketing.

But I was a busy fool.

To be totally honest I only joined Business Super Heroes out of frustration! I didn’t want to go back to security work but I needed help. The emails and advice I received was invaluable, and now I run my business around my numbers, not the other way round. I now know this is the only way to run a profitable business and Paul and his team has showed me how to get better quality customers so I am not working long hours for a pittance any more … they have showed me how to be more selective.

I bought the “30 Days to Business Success” course and have never looked back!”

Sean Connolly

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