10 Days To … Totally Awesome Sales And Marketing Results

This 10 Days To … Sales & Marketing Results course will show you everything you need to know to get better quality customers for your SME business.

It walks you through marketing, copywriting and sales, and contains the highlights of our other courses.

Whilst this course cannot cover those subjects in as great a depth as the main courses, this course will help you get started in each of those areas, namely marketing, copywriting and sales.

10 Days To … Totally Awesome Sales & Marketing Results

Course Summary

If you want sales and marketing advice for your SME business, this is the course for you.

In this 10 Days To … Sales And Marketing Results course we have taken everything back to the basics because we want to break down all preconceptions you may have and build your skills back up again.

As with all The Business Super Heroes business courses at the end of each day we have given you exercises to complete in the workbook provided so you can implement  what you learn directly into your business.

This sales and marketing course gives you all the hints and tips you need to transform your business.

What’s In The Course?

Day One - What You Gotta Know

Straight from the off we are tackling the ton of BS which exists in the business world and laying the foundations for you to build your successful sales and marketing success upon.

Day Two - 3M & UVP

Day Two is broken down into 2 separate sections, the first being the real secret to getting the best marketing results you could ever imagine. In fact, if you have ever had poor marketing results then it will be because something in this formula is wrong. Get the 3M formula right and you will get the most accuarte results ever.

In the second part of Day Two we will show you why it is so important for you to stand on your own two feet, ignore what the competition are doing, and STOP doing the same sh*t as everyone else.

Day Three - The Fundamentals Of Successful Marketing

Here we start to look at building the best ad possible.

Day Four - Top Marketing Methods For SME's

In Day Four we will look at where you are positioned in the market place as this will determine how your customers see your business and how much they are prepared to pay for your services.

You can’t make serious profit selling a budget service to customers who don’t want to pay anything for your services, so in Day Four we will show you how you can raise your prices and increase your profits by adding a heap of extra value to every sale.

Because that’s what people really want … Value from their purchases, NOT the lowest price possible.

We’ll show you how to achieve the right balance for your customers.

Day Five - Copywriting Fundamentals

We have bombarded your mind and fried your brain, so today we go through the 15 Massive Truths About Profit.

Day Five alone will help you change your thinking and help you realise some essential truths about profit and how you can make more of the stuff.

Day Five will act as a massive wake-up call and will ensure you realise the need to make a ton of profit in your business.

Day Six - The Headline

Pricing has the most dramtic effect on your profits, so getting your pricing right is essential to your  future success, yet so few SME business owners charge what they are worth.


It may have something to do with nerves or lack of confidence in the product or service you are selling. More likely, you are under the totally false opinion that if you raise your prices you will lose all your customers.

But pricing too low is deadly to your business, not only in terms of profits but also to the perception your customers have of your business. 

Day Seven - Copywriting Contents

At some point, hopefully very soon, you will want to raise your prices to match the value you offer your customers. We’ll show you how to do this without experiencing big losses to your customer base.

If raising your prices by at around 5% could add 30% extra profit to your business, isn’t that something you should be looking at? We’ll show you how to do this without losing your customers!

Day Eight - Selling Basics

On Day Eight we will look at those who are going to be giving you your profits, and that’s, of course, your customers. Get this right and you’ll have a loyal customer base who actually want to pay you all the profit what you want forever. Get this wrong and you’ll end up working your butt off for little to no money.

It’s your call. We will show you how to profile your customers.

We will also look at your competitors and how copying them could be the worst thing you could possibly do! We will show you why the best thing you could do is ignore the vast majority of other businesses in your field and stand on your own two feet!

Day Nine - Get Referrals Like A Pro

Whilst this isn’t a course on selling we have included in this course “10 Days To … Double Your Profits” because selling your goods or services for a decent amount of profit is essential to your profitable future.

We include in this course many great selling tips which will help you put price in its place and enable you to still get your quotes even after you have raised your prices! 

Day Ten - After The Sale and Course Conclusion

The first part of Day 10 will focus on what you can do after the sale to encourage your customers to come back to you and give you those vital, all-important referrals too.

The we come to “the bit at the back.”

You’ve done it! Your brain is probably like mush right now but on this final day you are to be truly congratulated on getting this far. Here we go through everything we have been through in the past 10 days, bringing out the highlights and essentials you need to remember and apply into your business.

We also give you a whole host of other goodies, like wall planners and checklists, and we also ensure we leave you with a much stronger, more profitable business.

The Business Super Heroes Say …

This course aims to demystify the entire sales and marketing process.  As with all the courses from The Business Super Heroes we waste no time at all on the BS which is so prevailent in marketing.

Whilst these are nowhere near as in-depth as our other specialist courses, this course provides a brilliant overview of the marketing, sales and copywriting functions in your business.

Paul Baker

Business Super Heroes

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10 Days To ... Totally Awesome Sales & Marketing Results
This course aims to give you a general grounding on the 3 most important elements of your business, your marketing, your sales and copywriting.
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