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If you want to grow your business, one of the problems with business books is, due to their compact size, they are hard to do work in and don’t leave much room for detailed questions and answers. They also don’t leave you space so you can note down what you want to apply directly into your business.

We Have Changed All Of This With Our Courses.

Once you have worked through the sections you will find there are exercises and workbooks for you to apply what you learn directly into your business.

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Premium Courses

These are very intense and highly detailed courses which cover all aspects of the subject. Each course contains analysis of the subject matter as well as tons of extras, case studies and examples. Each course also has its own control panel containing heaps of free extras and giveaways too.

These courses have been designed to be completed in approximately 90 minutes a day for 10 days.

The Business Super Hero Academy Gold Collection 

These are courses which can be downloaded or sent to you as a hard copy and contain everything you need to grow your business for more profit.

All our courses are detailed and contain exercises and workbooks so you can apply what you learn into your business right away.

Supercharged Referrals

Price: £ 34.00

Will It Work ...?

Price: £ 19.00

Using Social Proof

Price: £ 19.00

The Psychology of Marketing

Price: £ 36.00

Basic Marketing

Price: £ 22.00

Laser Focus

Price: £ 12.00

From Influence To Profit

Price: £ 38.00

Stand Out And Get Noticed

Price: £ 38.00

Plan For Success

Price: £ 34.00

The Art Of Great Follow Up

Price: £ 19.00

The BSH Business University Video Courses

These are our on-line video courses. To maintain the speed of this website all our courses are stored externally on Teachable’s servers. which is a teaching webhost.

The Psychology Of Marketing

Price: £ 19.00

Pricing For Profit

Price: £ 39.00

Prioritise For Success

Price: £ 9.00

Branding For Profit

Price: £ 29.00

Get More Clients

Price: £ 9.00

Using Social Proof

Price: £ 32.00

Project Management

Price: £ 39.00

Supercharged Referrals

Price: £ 38.00

Creating A Winning UVP

Price: £ 15.00

Seeing Success

Price: £ 17.00

Outsourcing For Success

Price: £ 9.00

Coaching And Mentoring Services

Our coaching and mentoring services can help you grow your business because we love nothing more than helping other businesses succeed. We want to work with you to help you grow your business, make more profit and get better quality customers.

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