Case Studies

We wrote a sales letter for a cleaner who wanted to get more work for his business from property management companies.

Though it wasn’t as immediate hit (because existing contracts had to be completed) when those contracts came up for renewal he was at least given the chance to enter the negotiations for 6% of the companies he wrote to.

We wrote an ad campaign series for a carpet cleaning firm who got a 5% return to his postcard mail out series.

With one particular highly targeted customer, this postcard series cost him 4x 55p stamps but has already earned him over £8,000 from rental properties (and he’s still getting on-going work from this company.)

Now that is a fantastic ROI!

A builder asked me for help. He had lots of red hot leads but the conversions from the sales letters he was sending out was terrible. He asked me to find out why.

As soon as I looked at his sales letter I realised why … the letter was not great!

The headline was weak and floppy, the text was in big, bulky paragraphs but the font was too small, and it was all about him as a business. It was all just so … yuck (from a copywriting point of view.)

Once we un-yuckified it and changed it all around, conversions went from 0.3% to just under 8% and his phone was red hot for weeks.

If you want copywriting in Dorset, or anywhere in the UK, give us a call. We can write about any subject in any sector because the laws of successful copywriting are the same, no matter what trade or profession you are in. We have also written a book and a course on copywriting too, so you can trust us to write words that mean business.

So, what can we help you with today?

* Flyers

* Sales letters

* Website copy

* SEO copy writers

* Press Releases

* Brochures

Our Copywriting Course – Designed So You Can Quickly Learn And Implement Into Your Business.

Dust Off Your Old Gear … 

Even if you have existing sales literature that you like, we can shake it up, polish the words and breathe new life into your existing promotional materials. In fact, new life is often created from dying promotional carcasses.

I love words. I love the way they can make your prospects feel any emotion you want them to feel. With over a decade of experience of writing powerful sales copy for a wide variety of businesses, we have the power to write compelling sales copy that converts!

Remember: whoever you choose to write your copy for you, they must be able to write for your audience. Everything you send out is for your audience NOT for you.

Your promotional materials are all about the audience and how you can help fulfil their needs and desires. THAT is the ONLY way to MAXIMUM sales and results.

We can write for you:

* Fluffy, cutesy letters

* Product descriptions

* Stern letters

* Professional letters

* Childlike letters

* Responsible adult letters

* Jokey letters

* Light letters

* Information packed letters

* Press Releases

What Makes Our Sales Copy Work So Well …?
We understand what makes words powerful, we know the format they should be in and we know what words will make your clients want to do business with you, so if you want copywriting in Dorset, or anywhere in the UK, call us today!

We have spent many, many years studying sales and marketing techniques (as well as writing a number of books and courses on both subjects) so we know how to market your business using words.

Here’s why you should trust us to write a gem for you:

* All letters and adverts will be packed full of benefits for the prospect NOT technical jargon for you

* Every ad or sales piece will take the customer on a journey through the copy, leading to the only conclusion possible, that is for your target to do whatever it is you want them to do (call you, LIKE you on Facebook etc)

* All letters will be presented in your chosen tone with no over cooked cliches, just fresh design and fresh thinking

* We will always see the bigger picture and make a detailed assessment of your needs, and, much more importantly, what it is your target audience want to hear … what their sweet spot is

* We will use all sorts of clever copywriting techniques to ensuring the message is rammed home in your customers’ mind, like the erroneous speling mitsake in a salient point so they rememebr that point, scribbles down the margin and a variety of other tricks of the trade that ensure you really do get the very best ROI, the most bang for your buck

* We will ensure we hit your target prospects pain point. We will tackle what keeps them awake at night that your business can solve for them

* You will get creative copy

* You will get a full explanation of why we have written in the style we have written in

* We are creative, versatile, adaptable

Why Use Business Super Heroes For Your Copywriting?

Can’t you just write super-powerful sales letters yourself … yep, of course you can. We’re not gonna sit here and tell you you can’t learn this stuff.

Have a look at my journey through to copywriting mastery below. It’s not easy. It takes years to learn how to write something truly great. Something which really appeals to your target market.

Once you have mastered the laws of copywriting then it is like having a printing press at your fingertips. But I totally understand that spending years studying and practising copywriting is not at the top of everyone’s learning to do list.

So why not let the Business Super Heroes do it for you?

Want to know more?

The first stage is to complete the “Fact Find” below them email it to us and we will get back to you with any thought, comments, ideas etc within 72 hours.

Copy Writing Client Questionnaire

All done? Then please email us and we will get right back to you.

If you’re interested this is how we got started copywriting in Dorset back in 2006.

When I started my carpet cleaning business in 2004 I employed a marketing company who suggested I wrote to random people (anyone with a carpet it seems was okay as a customer) with my details to let them know the simple fact that I existed. They said I would then start to get more business.

So that’s what I did and here’s what I wrote one gloomy day in October…

“I am new to the carpet cleaning. I am 30 ish years old. I have a really good machine called Mavis. The machine has 250lbs of soil lift. I am a totally scrummy human being.”

Yep, that’s almost exactly what I said! Word for word. Honestly, what a doughnut I was!

I know now that was exactly what I shouldn’t have written. It bombed. I mean, everyone ignored it. Out of 137 letters I sent out I got one poor quality lead whose first question was … “How Much …?”

Yep, the recycling bins did well out of me that day.

I was totally despondent; after all, the marketing company I was using said all I had to do was to let people know I was here and I would get more business.

Total Claptrap.

But I truly wanted to grasp the power of the written word so I stuck with it and throughout 2006, 2007 and 2008 I learned everything I possibly could about how to write copy that really sells.

I went on business and copywriting courses all over the world and started reading books by the worlds heavy weights in copywriting and the results I was seeing from my flooring business started to bear fruit.

My website got more interest, people were reading more of what I had put, my leaflets hung around longer because they were actually interesting to read (now there’s a thought …)

This is what we want for you.


Words Sell

It’s Like Owning A Printing Press

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