Anthony’s Branding Testimonial

Anthony Hayes joined our Academy program in December 2015. Before joining HM Forces he had already run a business, but after leaving the forces he didn’t know which way to turn or whether he could make a real “go” of a business in today’s cut throat business world.The rest is in his own words …

“Prior to joining the forces I ran a wooden floor sanding and fitting service but was unsure how to go about starting that up again. So much has changed! I joined the Academy Program because I wanted to know if I would feel the vibe about working for myself again, and boy did I feel that vibe!

The program took me from the basics about Pricing for Profit, talked about me as a person, then led me through a sensible course which included Branding and creating my own “category of one.” I love the courses and the workbooks which help me to apply what I have learned into my own business.

Every business owner should attend this course!”

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