10 Days To ... Double Your Profits

This intense course is perfect for those SME business owners who want to make a heck of a lot more profit in their business. We cover everything you need to drastically increase your profits. Everything.

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An advanced level course which will open your eyes to what your business is all about!



Intense course which will take a ton of time and effort


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If we here at the Business Super Heroes hear one more time such awful comments from business owners like …”I don’t want to earn too much profit, or I will just pay more tax” or “I don’t want to be too greedy” we will scream!

If you don’t want to make too much money in your business, then congratulations … you have succeeded.

This course is for all those SME business owners who want to earn more profit from their business. A heck of a lot more profit.

This course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to at least double your profits in the next 12 months … and we are going to show you how to do it in just 10 days!

There is an abundance of wealth in the world and it is your responsibility as a mother or father, spouse, son or daughter to get as much of that wealth for yourself and your family as possible.

You MUST accept the world doesn’t owe you a living and the world doesn’t give a toss whether you make profit or not. If you want more money in your business you gotta reach out with both hands and grab it, because no-one is going to grab it for you.

We will show you how to grab it in a way that puts extra money in your bank whilst not losing you a ton of customers.

An entrepreneurs’ sole focus is on wealth creation and how to create more profit in their business, and that is exactly what this course will show you.

In this incredible course, we cover:

  • YOU and your time
  • The basics of copywriting
  • Making profit systems
  • Which figures you MUST know
  • How to interpret your figures
  • Where should you position your business for the most profit
  • Providing value in exchange for extra profit
  • Why you MUST NOT copy your competitors
  • … and so much more!

What’s In The Course?

Day One - Introduction & Looking At You

In this first day we will look at an overview of profit, and we will look at the most important person in your business who will generate it – YOU!

Day Two - What Is Profit And Costs Analysis

In Day Two we will we will talk about what profit really is and then we will look at one of the quickest ways to increase your profits … by managing your costs

Day Three - Your Finances

Sorry! We can’t have a course on profit without  going through the whole break-even, profit and loss etc etc

Day Four - Positioning And Value

In Day Four we will look at where you are positioned in the marked place, and how you can raise your prices and increase your profits by adding a heap of extra value to every sale 

Day Five - The 15 Massive Truths About Profit
Day Six - Pricing For Profit

Pricing has the most dramtic effect on your profits, so getting your pricing right is essential to your  future success. We will also go through (in-depth) the danger of pricing too low on your profits, and on the perception your customer will have of your business

Day Seven - Raising Or Lowering Your Prices

At some point, hopefully very soon, you will want to raise your prices to match the value you really offer. We’ll show you how to do this without big losses to your customer base 

Day Eight - Your Customers & Competition

On Day Eight we will look at those who are going to be giving you your profits, and that’s, of course, your customers. We will also look at your competitors and how copying them could well be the worst thing you could possibly do!

Day Nine - Selling Smarter

Whilst this isn’t a course on selling we have included here many great selling tips which will help you put price in its place and enable you to still get your quotes even after you have raised your prices! 

Day Ten - Review And Implement

You’ve done it! Here we go through everything we have been through in the past 10 days, bringing out the highlights and essentials you need to remember,

We also give you a whole host of other goodies, like wall planners and checklists, and we also ensure we leave you with a much stronger, more profitable business.

If you are umm-ing and ahh-ing about wherether or not you should be talking this course and spending the money that is AWESOME! That’s what we want from you … to question every single penny, cent or dime you are spending. In fact, we talk a lot about expenditure and how much that could really be costing you within just a few days of starting this course!

We will show you how to create incredible marketing that is carefully aimed at your target prospect for the best ROI possible. we will also teach you to put price in it’s place in your marketing, because you DON’T want to just be a company which offers the lowest price because there will always be someone cheaper (and more broke) than you.

Paul Baker

SME Business Hero, Business Super Heroes

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Your Investment

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This course contains everything you need to start your new business, and is far, far cheaper than either a franchise or making your own mistakes (like we did.)

In short, this is THE course we wish we had when we started in business over 2 decades ago!

Price: WAS £599.00

Now £390.00