10 Days To Be A Copywriting Legend

When you have the power to write words that sell, your success in business is assured. Learn to craft sales letters, ads, website copy and so much more …

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A middle to advanced level course full of facinating insights into the power of words.



For those business owners who want to be able to craft incredibly powerful sales messages


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As with everything we do, I’m going to be brutally honest … boring copy will irritate the heck out of your prospects, and if you don’t grow a pair and print copy people actually want to read your copy will end up in the grey filing cabinet called the bin.

So many business owners fill their copy with fluff in the mistaken belief that the customer actually wants to read the sales letter.

This course will teach you that a customer or prospect never actually wants to read your copy at all. After all, did you wake up this morning saying to yourself … “I can’t wait to read about carpet cleaning or double glazing today?” Of course not!

But your sales letter can force the customer to take notice of your offering and build him or her up to a point of a real yearning for your goods or services. Your letter can also force the prospect into action by insisting that failure to take action will somehow impact his or her life massively if they don’t act on your letter NOW!

If you follow the hints and tips in this course, you will keep your sales letters out of the bin, and ensure your customer takes actions now, not leave it until tomorrow (because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes.)

This course covers everything you need to know about writing powerful words and it is all explained with examples of how it all works and why it works, and fits together to provide a real “POWWWW” to your copy. You’ll be truly amazed at what can happen if you apply what we teach you here and get on a mission to sell more through quality sales letters.

It’s just like you have been given permission to own a printing press to print your own money!

Buy this course. Love it. Or we will refund every single penny. I promise. Or you can tell my Mum.

We cover:

  • Getting the right message
  • WIIFM?
  • The 3M formula
  • Dual readership path
  • AIDA
  • Headlines
  • Content of the perfect copy
  • The emotions of buying
  • Your guarantees
  • Your call to action
    … and the list goes on in this incredible, packed course!

What’s In The Course?

Day One - Introduction

In the first part of the guide we walk you through the basics of copywriting, from creating your right mindset to what to avoid doing, from choosing your target market to developing your own systems.

Day Two - The 3M Formula For Success

This is the #1 tip in writing copy that sells and we will help you perfect the art of writing a message that’s incredible to your target audience.

Day Three - The Power Of Headlines

The headline is your main weapon in any sales piece to grab a prospects attention. If you don’t write a headline that grabs the prospect by the short and curlies your whole ad will be a waste.

Day Four - Copywriting Essentials

Here we go through dozens of top tips to start your copywriting journey. These are the concrete of your copywriting foundations.

Day Five - Social Proof

Social Proof is so much more than getting the odd testimonial and throwing it on your website.

This guide will give you a dozen different  ways to use Social Proof to devastating effect. How can YOU REALLY harness the power of Social Proof in your carpet cleaning business?

Day Six - Before You Get Started

Bwefore you start to write your sales piece you need to 

Day Seven - Making Offers

Offers are vital to the success of your ad, but they must make you money not cost you money. We give you over 30 different offers you could use in your ad!

Day Eight - Content
Day Nine - Proofing Packaging Sending

In Day 9 we look at what to do when you think it’s done! This is the finale of your ad and we details the steps to ensure the ad kicks ass!

Day Ten - Conclusion, Ad Review And The Bit At The Back
If That Wasn't Enough, You Also Get ...

That’s not all you get in this incredible pack my friend. You also get nearly 30 items in your Office Folder to help you market your business, including:

  • Consumer Guide To Carpet Cleaning (a great free download for your website)
  • 5 Tactics To Market Your Business Using Stain Remover Bottles
  • Job Confirmation Email
  • A PowerPoint Presentation (great as a slideshare?)
  • An A4 Vouchers page with 6 vouchers on it for you fill in and hand out to get SIX tries at getting more referral business from the same person!
  • Stain removal and carpet care fact sheet
  • You will also get sample newsletters for you to adapt to your own branding and send to your customers
  • 20 (YES TWENTY) ads you can use for a variety of situations
  • and so much more.

Too many sales letters are too formal, rigid and impersonal. Most have no character, no personality, they give no sense of the character of the writer or the company values of the business sending the letter, and are dull as heck to read.

We will show you how to create incredible copy that’s so powerful that price simply isn’t an issue … the prospect wants you and price isn’t even in the equation!

Paul Baker, SME Business Hero

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So, if this item falls short of our totally awesome standards, please drop us an email and we will refund every single penny you have paid.

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This course contains everything you need to start your new business, and is far, far cheaper than either a franchise or making your own mistakes (like we did.)

In short, this is THE course we wish we had when we started in business over 2 decades ago!

Price: WAS £599.00

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