Business Super Heroes

Business Support For The Super Serious

Helping Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd And Avoid The Blah Blah

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential And Say No to Mediocrity

Honest, sometime brutal, advice to ensure your success

Get your head ready for super success

Helping build strong foundations

DIY and mentoring services available

Goal Setting

Set realistic big goals, and work together in bite sized steps to achieve them


We all need someone to bounce ideas off every now and then. Honest, helpful support.

All Cogs Oiled

We don’t just look at sales and marketing … we look at strong foundations to build on


With over 75 years experience between the BSH mentors, there’s nothing we can’t help you with

Throw Away The Rule Book

One of the main reasons 75% of all businesses started this year will fail in the next 5 years is because they are just so dull. So vanilla. Just so samey.

If you are saying the same as everyone else, why would anyone choose you over the competition?




After a career change BSH helped me to adjust to my new business.


My first business failed costing me a small fortune … I wasn’t going to make the same mistake second time around …


Anthony had his own business before he joined HM Forces, but he found so much had changed when he cam out, so he asked us for help!

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Super Hero Academy

Our Super Hero Academy covers all business topics and gives you an abudence of business tips and tricks


Your business success is assured if you follow the advice in our unique books and videos.

Live Your Dream. Run A Great Business. Lead a Great Life.

Our goal for you is simple.

We want you to run a super slick SME which brings in a great income for you whilst providing excellent service to your highly targeted customers which will keep them coming back.

We want you to laser target your market …

We want you to put price in it’s place

We want you to develop your systems so your business runs a darn sight easier

How does that sound to you?

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